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Hello everyone! My name is Peter Chau and I am a  24 year old photographer currently residing in Houston, Texas.

I first started taking an interest in photography at the age of 15 around 2012 when I  received my first camera (a small, Canon Rebel T3) on Christmas from my Father and ran around taking pictures of everything, ranging from our small potted plants, to toy cars, lights and even my parents constantly! As time progressed, my love for photography grew along with my skills and eventually I decided to make this into my career.  

My love for photography grew immensely as I started to put myself out there more, meeting new people, creating new memories of a lifetime, seeing things i could have only dreamed of and so much more. My photography styles vary from People to Cars to the Streets, to the liveliness of Music and even nature, because I can't set myself on one style. With this career, I look forward to create new, fond memories with my current and future clients for years to come.

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