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      It's a bright sunny morning, the smell of diesel fills the air, and thousands of spectators are making their way to the one and only Ferrari Festival that took place this past Sunday. The festival itself was expecting a large amount of attendance, which sure did show up, filling up the festival lots on BOTH sides swarming the numerous Ferraris and exotics that lined up on each lot. I myself showed up slightly late and was thrown into the chaotic crowds and parking but still managed to enjoy myself and while i'm at it, snapping several photos while i was at the event. The festival itself was tremendous, featuring numerous Ferraris ranging from classic models to newer released models like the brand new Ferrari LaFerrari that was cordoned off and covered in spectators trying to get photos of it. The event also featured several vendors giving out free food and water to all attendees which also increased the atmosphere, pleasing many attendees, myself included. While definitely being packed to the brim with cars and spectators, the event remained immensely enjoyable for all car enthusiasts of all ages as they admired all the vehicles on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Ferrari 308 GTB

     The event also saw the attendance of the Ferrari Racing team, bringing along their several and beautiful cars ranging from their Formula 1 car to racing Ferrari models and even their very own LaFerrari, all of which were cordoned off by their beautiful racing trailer. While being only a short event that was only 1 day and started off at 10am in the morning and ending at 3pm, the event coordinators managed to pack plenty of goodies and surprises for all who showed up. While i didn't get to see my two favorite models, the Enzo and the iconic F40, the event manage to pull off featuring not one, but TWO LaFerraris that were on opposite ends of the lot, which was definitely a sight to behold. Not only did they surprise everyone with these two rare and beautiful cars, the lots also featured a plethora of beautiful Ferraris, including classics like the 308s, 288s, and many many more that make the line up extremely beautiful.

Ferrari Racing line-up

     All in all, while my stay at the festival itself was short due to me being late with some headaches and such (no excuses, i know i know, i'm sorry, i'll make it up to you), the Ferrari Festival this year was definitely an event to witness, bringing together lovely cars for all enthusiasts of all ages to come together and admire together on a beautiful Sunday morning. Because hey, that's the point right? Share and learn together, passing on the appreciate and passion for these vehicles to one another. At least, that's what i like to think anyways, until next time folks!

Ferrari Bears

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