Bulls that braved the weather

    After taking a break following Houston Coffee & Car's successful Christmas Toy drive, the long anticipated car event returned this June in full force with a brand new venue, the Memorial City mall. While the return of Coffee & Cars was blessed with the wonderful sporadic Houston weather (In this case, consistent rain that sped up and slowed down), many enthusiasts and car lovers alike braved the weather to attend. Both of the available "Show" lots started to fill up  as the show progressed into the day. While many of the big guns didn't make an appearance for the show, many beautiful cars still showed up to be displayed. 

Brand new McLaren 675lt who braved the Houston rain, made an appearance at the event. 

   While the now-soaked event saw a slow, sluggish start due to the torrential rainfall, many machines started to flow into the show with large numbers as time went on. Cars from all makes and brands made appearances to the event, including the infamous Mustang Country, Porsche Club, an Audi fleet from Austin (talk about dedication), also a armada of Jeeps and many more. Amongst these show cars, the higher-end cars also started to make their appearances, including 2 brand new McLaren 675Lt's, a Porsche GT3rs AND GT2rs, a Porsche 356 Speeder, even an Ariel Atom and many, many more. With this in tow, the return of Coffee & Cars was shaping into a wonderful but wet event. 

By far my favorite car at the show, a Porsche GT3rs

  By the time the weather finally slowed down, the lots were filled with several machines, an army of umbrellas and soaked spectators/enthusiasts. Fortunately, the event went off (mostly) without a hitch. (Because no one is perfect, right? Right.) The new venue proved to be much more spacious and could accommodate more cars and had plenty of walking room for spectators and enthusiasts alike, also the Memorial City Mall was kind enough to have the cafeteria open so there was access to a large sitting area, coffee, food, and restrooms!  Even though i completely forgot an umbrella (I blame my cousin for this) and was completely soaked for a majority of the event, it still was a tremendous Coffee & Cars. I am definitely looking forward to the next one come July and with that, see you next time!(Hopefully with clearer weathers!) 

Porsche 356 Speedster

The Drutz's Blancpain Super Trofeo

Coolest Fiat, ever.


Alpha GTR

Because race car, Ariel Atom

2 of the many Porsche's that starred at the show. 

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