Lamborghini Festival's Lead insignia car, Alfonso's Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse

      Driven by passion, the defining motto carried by Scuderia, the team behind the creation of the Lamborghini Festival, who put their hard work day in day out to create this tremendous 3 day festival for all spectators of all ages to come and admire the machines that arrive one a year. With this in mind, i was blessed with the opportunity to shoot alongside the team this year as media and witnessed truly amazing events that took place within the festival. The festival spanned over 3 days, each day bringing a different event, varying from the kick-off party at Houston's very own NASA Space Center, a cruise to Navasota featuring all registered participants within the festival, and then finally, the famous gathering at City Centre to close out the Festival. 

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Lamborghini Festival's second insignia car, The Drutz's Lamborghini Murcielago Super Trofeo

          The event itself was well prepared, planned, and thought out by the Scuderia team beforehand. The first day of the festival was the NASA Space Center kick-off party which was a privately hosted event for the drivers/registered participants of the Festival to gather and enjoy an evening together. Within the kick-off party, the Scuderia team  presented the unveiling of the brand new Huracan Spyder, the arrival of the famous Valentino Balboni, and much more.

Lamborghini Festival's final Insiginia Car, Burke Racing's Lamborghini Huracan with a beautiful dedication to the owner's late son, Christian Andrew Burke.

      Following the kick-off party, the second day of the festival was the Navasota cruise, featuring ALL registered drivers of the event. Everyone gathered at City Centre bright and early in the morning to get their complimentary breakfast and information for the cruise. Here i also witnessed the famous Lamborghini Batventador owned by Debbie, who graciously bought her lovely bat-bull all the way from California to join us at this festival! The cruise itself was a tremendous experience, seeing numerous beautiful machines lined up together, leaving at once  as a convoy setting out on their long cruise to the lovely city of Navasota. The city of Navasota greeted the convoy with open arms with a police escort as the Raging bulls + friends rolled up into city hall, parking all around displaying their beautiful vehicles proudly for all of Navasota to see.

Debbie's Lamborghini "Batventador" alongside Valentino Balboni's Lamborghini Countach... and of course Mike making his way into the photo!

      Finally, after the two days had passed, the final day arrived, the main event aka the Festival. The final event itself, had a MASSIVE turn out, bringing out spectators of all ages to the venue, crowding City Centre to the brim. Although crowded, loud, and noisy, the Festival turned out fantastic as everyone had a wonderful time admiring and snapping pictures of the numerous machines parked all around the area. As the day went on, the turn out started to dwindle down once everyone calmed down and had their dosage of the Bulls and started to leave. Eventually the owners themselves said their last goodbyes and started to leave one by one headed their own separate ways after leaving a mark on this year's Lamborghini Festival.

Butch's Official Race Car, need i say more?

      All in all, the event was a great success in my eyes. I had a tremendous time covering this event alongside the Scuderia team and more. I was blessed with the opportunity to form new friendships and new memories with many of those who attended the event. This festival was truly something worth attending and i look forward to cover more of next year's event. Until next time.

For more information on this wonderful event, visit the main website at

Also, Special thanks to but not limited to: The Scuderia Team, Jorge Verdejo, Dennis Nguyen, Danh Phan, Tony Gonzales, Jimmy Ton, John Santa Cruz, Potresse, and many more who made this event a success and letting me be apart of it.

Me alongside the famous Valentino Balboni at the conclusion of the festival

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